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In an attempt to get up and blogging regularly I went searching for software to use. Since friends don’t let friends use Microsoft and only haven’t-yet-seen-the-FOSS-light friends use mac’s, I use Linux. In fact I am a Linux freak. I first played around with Linux in 1994(ydrasgil (sp?)), got serious around 1996(SuSE-4.2), and been exclusive since 2000(mostly Gentoo, but also SuSE, fedora, Ubuntu and Foresight).

I had heard about various little programs which would allow you to type and edit blog entries. So I searched google to find out which one would be best. Since I am not only a Linux freak but a hard-core GNOMEr this narrowed my search criteria. The results of my search : gnome-blog and Drivel. Luckily Portage being what it is installing was only a emerge -av gnome-blog drivel away. I first tried to use Drivel.

I had read in the web that it supported wordpress, but of course wordpress was not listed in the drop down list of supported servers. So I went back to the web looking for clues as to how to get it to work. It turns out that wordpress is based on some other blog engine (I sort of knew that -but no idea which). Some people in the web said to try atom and there was also a mention of appending xmlrpc.php to the end of the server address.

After repeated failures I decided to try gnome-blog. Again wordpress was not listed. hmmmmmm. I am not really all that hip to how popular the various blog engines are but I suspect that there are more wordpress users than all of the ones listed in the drop-down list added together. No luck here either.

So back to the web. Limit google search to “drivel wordpress” in the last 2 months. Finally someone had written that one needed to choose Movable Type as the base engine and append xmlrpc.php to the end drivel launchpad . So I tried and woot! it worked, so here I am typing this entry with drivel.

All told less than one hour work….not too bad.


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