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Just a couple of points:
1) Everyone NEEDS health care at some point in their lives-nothing optional here
2) There is a significant body of the population who are trained to provide health care, many of whom have dedicated their lives to this.
3) There exists a need for a system which bridges 1) and 2), providing unfettered access to health care and ensuring just compensation for those who provide such.

Insurance, as a for-profit enterprise is, by definition, at odds with 3). There never will be a for-profit based Insurance system which provides *universal* coverage and *just compensation*. Not now, not ever. We can reform health insurance until the cows come home but what the* people hope for will never come to fruition in any health insurance reform. The so-called “Public Option” is the only thing left in the current health care debate which has any real bearing on health care. If our legislators fail to pass legislation including this “Public Option” they will have failed to actually address the health care issue at all, and they will have signed into law the greatest entitlement legislation for a particular industry which any nation has ever seen-forcing Americans to tithe 10-20% of their income to for-profit Insurance corporations. There can be no middle ground on this issue: conditio sine qua non=Public Option. Public Option means OWNERSHIP of mutual obligation, the thread of which every society is woven.
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